What Does Delta 8 Feel Like?

Most people who take Delta 8 describe it as a very pleasant and stimulating experience. It usually provides a deep sense of relief and peace of mind, as if all their weight had been lifted. Users report feeling relaxed, calm, lucid, laughing and hungry, among other feelings. Studies show that Delta 8 tetrahydrocannabinol products are less sedative and cause less paranoia, anxiety and dizziness.

It is recommended to start with smaller doses, such as half or a quarter of a gummy. This dose can induce positive feelings, provoke episodes of creativity and promote more frequent eureka moments. Delta 8 THC is different from the common Delta 9 form of THC, which is associated with the characteristic marijuana-induced effect. The Delta 9 carbon chain has a carbon double bond at the ninth carbon of the chain.

The way you feel from any cannabinoid, including marijuana and CBD, will be different for everyone. Moderate doses of THC Delta 8 are more like the conventional marijuana high, but with an added layer of softness and clarity. Taking too much Delta 8 THC can intensify the positive effects mentioned above and become more negative than positive. Low doses of Delta 8 THC are a bit stimulating, but not in the same way as something like coffee or green tea.

Cannabis is one of my remedies for this, and Delta 8 has been shown to have the same benefits that I get from smoking a joint and telling me that everything will work out. Doing so can help you transition to Delta 9 THC later, if you wish, to high heat in all cylinders. However, if you use Delta 8 THC to help you study or focus on something, these sedative effects become an unwanted side effect. In short, my personal experience with the effects of Delta 8 can be summed up with a famous quote from Oscar Wilde: 'Everything in moderation'.

Cédric Yoho
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